No more fretting, fear, or failed projects!

a BERNINA embroidery machine with a finished project sitting under it's needle. The project is a sashiko circle design with golden thread.

Does machine embroidery feel too intimidating?

Not sure where to start or how?

Have you considered selling your embroidery module because you don't use it? 

Trust me when I tell you: It's normal and you are not alone!

I have great news for you, my new friend,  you're in the exact right place to finally fall in love with machine embroidery.

Hi! I'm Kate! Picture of Kate, a woman with long wavy neon orange hair and bangs. She has teal glasses, a big smile and a black cardigan embroidered with white flowers.

I empower sewists to move from frustrated to fearless with machine embroidery via online education, an encouraging community and my M.A.P. framework.

I am so passionate about this work because I was once in your shoes. I had bought an embroidery machine I was so excited to use but nothing ever went right, so I had to make a choice: learn the flippin' thing or finally master it. 

I chose the latter...but it was tough. The info wasn't as readily available as it was for other sewing skills like quilting and garment sewing. How were we all supposed to learn if the education just wasn't there?

Tough Kitten Crafts was born out of that desire to create a space where learning machine embroidery was straight forward, fun and easy. With over 1,000 students and over 5,000 community members worldwide, Tough Kitten Crafts helping sewists all over the world finally feel fearless with machine embroidery. 

Available Courses

BERNINA Embroidery Genius

Ready to learn about EVERY one of your BERNINA machine's embroidery functions, features, icon and screens? B.E. Genius will guide you through the entirety of your embroidery machine.

Upon signing up you may login using the email you signed up as both your login and your password (which you can change in settings once logged in) I will send you an email with your login information as well. 

Foundations Of Machine Embroidery Self Study

A four week, comprehensive machine embroidery course that will take for from frustrated to fearless with machine embroidery. 

Stabilizer School

9/10 times when someone comes to me asking "What went wrong!?" with their machine embroidery my answer is: the stabilizer! 

Be it wrong weight, wrong type or not enough layers, stabilizer can be a real pain in the ass if you don't understand it. 

With Stabilizer School you'll never again have to ruin another embroidery project with the wrong stabilizer. Come enroll in stabilizer school and stop the stabilizer stress! 

Handmade Holiday: Pumpkin Pail

Learn to make this adorable Pumpkin Pail. This smiling pumpkin is perfect for candy collecting or as cute seasonal decor for your home. 

The 12 Weight Workshop

This 2 hour virtual workshop will teach you to machine embroider with 12 weight thread free from thread breaks, broken machines and frustration. 

The Orange Peel M.E.A.L. PLUS

This is the upgraded content for the Orange Peel M.E.A.L.

Foundations Of Machine Embroidery Guided Study

A four week, comprehensive machine embroidery course that will take for from frustrated to fearless with machine embroidery. 

My Courses Available Courses
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